We have helped Cities and Counties just like YOU all across North America set up thousands of miles of Pavement Distress Evaluations and Inventories. Some have us do this turn key while others have us train them to do it in house, and some do some sort of hybrid system of the former two.Slide45


In the graphic above, Miguel Valentin, PE, APM explains how the Three-Legged Stool™ System of Pavement Management has saved his County 10 Million Dollars already! Blair Barnhardt is a Nationwide Pavement Management Expert that would love to help you do the same!

With ANY one of our products or services you till will learn:

  • The Three-Legged Stool™ System of Pavement Management
  • How to do twice as many roads for less money and less carbon footprint
  • How to use Private Public Partnership funding to get your roadways done for less in a lot less time at the same cost over 20 years with fixed rates
  • MicroPAVER™ & StreetSaver® Implementation
  • Expert Distress Surveys and Re-Inspection Knowledge
  • Workflow and Operational Improvements
  • Needs Based, Target Driven and Budget Scenarios
  • Modern-Day Pavement Preservation with all of the tools in the tool box
  • Right Road, Right Time, Right Treatment, Right Reason with the Right Contractor
  • Eco-Efficient In-Place Recycling Techniques
  • Essential Decision Tree Building Skills
  • Current Unit Prices on all treatments, not just the ones your local paver uses

Listen to what our clients are saying about our pavement management training products, IPMA™ Academy curriculum and expert consulting services:

At a recent presentation to his County Commission at Rockdale County, Miguel Valentin, PE, APM states, “Before we had Blair and his team come in here and do our pavement management implementation and training we spent 20 million dollars treating 111 miles of roadway. Now, after implementation of the Three Legged Stool™ System of Pavement Management we have already treated over 129 miles of roadway with only 10 million dollars! We are now doing twice as many roads for the same budget! Thanks Blair!!!”

In Heard County, Georgia Darold Wiggins, APM emphatically states, “We get a million dollars a year to spend on roadways. Since implementing the Three Legged Stool™ System of Pavement Management I figure I will save our County 1.2 million this year and 1.4 million next year!”


Jon Heese, APM from Arapahoe County, CO states, “We’ve got the entire network, about 350 center lane miles in the StreetSaver® (by Metropolitan Transportation Commission an MPO under FHWA) software.  Blair and his team spent the last few days on the job training our team how to do everything and going over all of the budgets and treatments with us.  Thumbs up if you ever get the chance to work with Blair Barnhardt, and The Barnhardt Group, I’d highly recommend it!”


Would you like a 925% Return on Investment?




As a Local Agency or HOA, you may assume that professional Pavement Management Training and or consulting is out of reach.  Don’t be so sure.  In fact, implementing a Pavement Management Plan with us will cost you a measly two to three cents per square yard (maybe a little more if you are a smaller high end gated community).  Yet, you will go on to save upwards of 10 bucks per square yard!  In fact, it actually costs you more money NOT to manage YOUR pavements.

And, if you are like most agencies, commercial property owners and HOAs, you are getting about a third per year of what you actually need to maintain your roadway system.  All the while your backlog deficit of bad roads is growing into the tens of millions of dollars.  At that rate, you will never catch up!  If you want to learn more about how Private Public Partnerships can help in this regard be sure to contact me at blair@thebarnhardtgroup.com.

Whether you need software training/implementation, pavement distress surveying, inspection or expert consulting or training on all things pavement management, in-place recycling and pavement preservation, why not hire someone with over 35 years of experience?  Blair Barnhardt, the Author of the Amazon #1 Best Seller, The Book on Better Roads and his team of experts from around the globe will teach you how to do MORE WITH LESS MONEY and LESS CARBON FOOTPRINT!

Why go through trial and error?  Your network of pavements is likely worth over 300 million dollars, do you really want interns or motor grader operators (I used to be one so no offense) managing your pavements?  Learn from the Pavement Management Experts that have already SOLVED the exact same problems that YOU are facing today!

Call me today and let’s start saving our crumbling roads for less money!  I have already put 125,000 miles on the Driving America for Better Roads Bus in two short years helping folks just like YOU!  Today is YOUR DAY!!!!